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cats and antiques

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cats and antiques
I’m strongly considering getting a kitten–but I’m absolutely terrified of the cat accidentally climbing where it shouldn’t and breaking antiques, especially my collection Teco pottery. What do cat owners out there do?

Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:12 am


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Re: cats and antiques
We have two cats. We’ve had them since kittens. They’re very well behaved and luckily, they love using their scratching post. They also insist on sleeping on the dining room table and using the shelves of the recently restored built-ins as bird watching posts. They’ve never broken anything at our house, and cats are typically very careful creatures, but our two DID smash $5,000 worth of Murano crystal at the mother-in-laws.

If they are going to be outdoor cats then limit their access to just the kitchen and a catflap and your problem is solved. If they’re going to be indoor cats then you need to do some planning. Your most valuable stuff needs to be placed where the cats cannot reach. Some furniture may have to be rearranged so as to deny the cat an easy launching point for higher shelves and surfaces. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick everything down with some of that stuff you’re supposed to use in case of earthquake.

Fact is, I’VE broken more things in the last two years than our cats have. But when you invite a small, very agile, pathalogically curious creature into your home, there’re going to be accidents.

Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:09 am


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Re: cats and antiques
We own 3 cats (and a young dog), plus I volunteer at a no-kill cat shelter, so at any given time we have “house guests” that are being fostered. We have a houseful of antiques as well. The worst that has happened was a broken tea cup – knocked off the edge of the mantle. Cats can be taught as to what they can & cannot have access to (though their curiosity does get the better of them at times). A spray bottle of water is a great deterent. All my cats need is to see the bottle now & they know. Ours also have a scratching post they use quite well. Rub catnip on it to get them to use it. Keep their nails trimmed (please don’t declaw!). Provide them with plenty of toys to keep them occupied & they’re more apt to leave your stuff alone. Consider getting 2 kittens at the same time, rather than one. They love having a buddy. Believe me, cats & antiques can live together happily.

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